[i]  Company Profile:   design Studio

pentArchi    sustainable     synergetic     architecture  is


[ii] pentArchi Pty Ltd  was incorporated in 2010
-    Trading as pentArchi  Architecture

      ABN  35145034840

pentArchi and pentArchi sustainable synergetic architecture  is a registered businesses

with ASIC


[iii] Directors registered with the Qld. Board of Architects


[IV]  Insurance by Architects Professional Risk Services

 -     Business Professional Indemnity Insurance up to $1,000,000

-      Public Liability Insurance $10,000,000



 [V]    All ideas, designs art and logos created by pentArchi

         are Ccopyright protected


Herewith associated links and projects are respected and aknowledged.

Consultants and associated firms and people thast participated are thanked.